The Foundation for Church and Society (FCS) is an initiative of OTS that reaches out to individuals, churches and the wider society. The vision of FCS is to work towards the renewal of the church and transformation of the society. The mission of FCS is to engage in mutual learning and to partner together with people from various callings for addressing contemporary challenges to human development, initiating peace work and promoting effective ministry and Christian living in the church and society.

Activities of FCS

Empowering Leaders in Ministry for Church Renewal

This program is primarily designed for clergies and Christian worker who are interested in enhancing their vocation by engaging in a process of co-sharing, teaching and learning. By attending two weekly modular sessions in a year for a period of five years, this program will lead to a certificate or a Masters level degree program.

Research and Publication

The resources emerging from the various programs and consultations of FCS are published for promoting critical reflection, dialogue, and action for change in the Church and Society. Besides, FCS collaborates with individual writers, churches, organizations and research institutions to harness intellectual and spiritual resources and make them available to the public in the form of printed documents and literature.

The Church and Society Annual Lectures

This lectureship brings prominent scholars and speakers who can offer fresh insights and analysis that can stimulate new thoughts and direction towards the transformation of church and society.

Consultations and Workshops

Occasional consultations bases on issues such as mission of the church, evangelism and discipleship, social healing and spiritual care, Christianity and the public square, peace work, human resource development, ecology and environment, health and holistic well being, gender and human rights, conflict and violence, wealth and poverty are conducted.

Intensive Outreach Programs and Field Works

The FCS creates space for pursuing experiential learning, research works, cross cultural exposure, and internships for individuals and groups in collaboration with churches and various organizations.


The only one of its kind in Asia, the Baptist Research Centre (BRC) is a current project being established at OTS for research and documenting resources on Baptist heritage and history. This project is funded by the NBCC as an archival library for Baptist studies and research for the Christian community in Nagaland and beyond.


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