Tabitha Enabling Academy: Promoting Wholesome Life for Children of Special Needs

Every kid is special. Being born with disabilities does
not limit the worth of a child and should not restrain
the child from enjoying access to equal opportunity to
learn, grow and develop, which is every
child’s birthright. Tabitha Enabling Academy
(TEA), situated at Sepfiizou Colony, Kohima
and run by two OTS alumni, Vekutilu Vese
(Class of 2009) and Asanuo Seb (Class
of 2009) seeks to reach out to children
with special needs who are denied many
opportunities because of their condition.
From a humble and challenging beginning,
TEA now runs as a full-fledged school committed to
serve and develop the differently abled children to live a
wholesome life.

Showing acceptance by providing love and care to the
kids with special needs is at the heart of TEA. The aims
and objectives of TEA are: conscientizing the people that
children with special needs are capable of living a normal life; providing equal opportunities for their development; providing
program for specific learning disabilities; dealing with challenges
such as speech or language impairments, mental retardation,
hearing and visual impairment, autism, and
down syndrome. Some of the facilities available
are physiotherapy, music, vocational training
such as craft making, occupational therapy/
daily living skills, personal hygiene, home based
education, spiritual education through learning
from the Bible, pictures and songs.
The hallmark of TEA is expressed in the striking
remark of one of the proprietors, “these children also need
Salvation,” a need so important but ignored among children
with special needs. Despites struggles and challenges, TEA has
come a long way and is contributing towards the life of these
kids, their parents and in turn towards the society. OTS is proud
to have produced alumni who have committed themselves to
such sacrificial service and ministry.
– Kesolenuo Suokhrie

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