The MDiv degree is the core program of the seminary and is designed for academic competency and professional ministry. The MDiv program is tailored for students with a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from a recognized college/university.

The MDiv program has the unique concern for an acquaintance with the theological, spiritual, and practical traditions of significance in the life of the church so that the personal faith of the students may be broadened and deepened. The program also seeks to develop a mature theological perspective through a personal acquaintance with God, with the work of the church, and with the needs of the world, which can be the basis for the students’ work as a minister of the Word and a stimulus toward continued education and growth.

The MDiv program ensures that students develop skills in preaching, teaching, church administration, leading worship, counseling, and community services, which will effectively assist in the communication and implementation of the gospel. These skills are based upon a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Bible, its content and teaching as the written word of God, and the rule of faith and practice for the Christian. Students get to involve in the systematic study of scripture and theology while being exposed to the current theological issues and positions of the day, with the goal of equipping to think independently and constructively in the areas vital to ministry.

The MDiv program is therefore designed to develop students who are intent on equipping themselves for professional Christian work such as pastoral ministry, mission, counseling, Christian education, youth ministry, among others. The program also serves as the foundation for those interested in acquiring higher theological degrees. Thus, students are well prepared to meet the various aspects and challenges of ministry as well as preparing themselves for higher studies with sound biblical, theological, historical, and practical perspectives.

Degree Requirements for the Master of Divinity Program

100 Course Units + 30 Practical Units = 130 Units

The MDiv program comprises 70 Units of Core Courses and 30 Units of Elective Courses with another additional 30 Units for Practical Ministry during the three-year full-time studies. These 130 Units include:

1. Course Works

2. Project Paper

3. Comprehensive Exam

4. Practicum and Internship

The Master of Divinity degree is awarded to students meeting the following requirements

Completion of all academic, practical, and community requirements as prescribed by the seminary

A minimum average grade of “C+” should be secured to graduate with the Master of Divinity degree.

The student must exemplify a quality life and commitment suitable for ministry

The recommendation of the faculty to the Board of Governors who formally award the degree

Complete payment of all accounts and fees to the seminary.

Admission Requirements for the Master of Divinity Program

A Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University or College

High School (HSLC) and Higher Secondary (HSSLC) Passed or 10+2

Fulfill the requirements stated in admission policies

Pass the interview conducted by the seminary

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